Frequently Asked Questions

Wear something loose or bring a pair of shorts. Also, bring a thin pair of socks and bring your skis so we can adjust the binding.

Each boot is different
Boots cost are “usually” between $600-$1,000

We charge a $85.00 evaluation fee for a full boot fitting with orthotic. A full boot fitting on average takes two hours. We block that time for a new boot fit. We waive the $85.00 evaluation fee if you purchase a ski boot or orthotic that ski season. Also remember when you purchase a boot from The Sport Loft

The New Boot includes:

  • Complete boot balancing
  • Liner Heat Molding
  • Custom fitting

Additional charges will apply for the following:

  • Padding boots
  • Heat molding aftermarket liners
  • Sole planning/ Punching boot shells
  • Liner modification
  • Boot repair
  • Orthotics

We are happy to serve you for all of your ski boot needs. Our goal is your comfort and great performance while skiing.

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Take your boots off the right way

Getting Your Foot into a Ski Boot

Yes, Please call 801-272-3701

Boots are designed to last around 150 days of skiing

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